Don't pump the flavor out of your wine.

Certain pumps can unfavorably affect the taste of your wine.

Don't turn sweet fruits into bitter grapes of wrath

As a winemaker, you should control how much you crush your grapes – not your pump. Unfortunately, certain types of pumps continually pinch and grind the tannins out of your grapes’ skins and seeds and into your wine.


Think of the grapes you use for your wine. Now think of the word BLADES. Those two things pair together about as well as pinot noir and a bag of chips – sharp, edgy chips.


Have you ever seen a movie where the hero narrowly escapes getting smashed by a heavy door? Well, with a lobe pump, not all of your grape seeds will be heroes.


The eccentric pump, as amazing as its off-centered design is, can also create off-balance tannin levels in your wine.

Seed-Safe Solution

Wilden pumps use air pressure and suction to delicately move liquids and solids.

In the future, it’ll be called “Easing down the cap.”

A Wilden pump makes irrigating your fruit cap much easier on fruit solids. Protecting your seeds and skins helps you control tannins as your wine ferments, which in turn, protects the flavor of your wine.

“Wilden was the only solution.”
- Rodney Strong Vineyards

Wilden pumps maintain high volume without distorting flavor harmony. Knowing how much your pumps can move isn’t enough. It’s time to ask how your pumps move your product.